New Technology in the Museum

13 April 2016 | General Interest

New Technology: Audio Pens

With the first of three exhibitions to mark the Sesquicentenary of the Sisters of St Joseph, the Museum has launched the use of Audio Pens – listening devices that allow individual visitors to access further information relevant to the exhibition.

                     Audio pens


For the first exhibition each pen will hold 5 audio tracks:

Tracks 1 & 2: Sister Agnes Cecilia Boyle reflecting on being a student at St Joseph’s School, joining the Sisters, her Teacher Training and then life as a Music Teach in Mount Isa,Queensland.

Track 3: The Vision Established – Dr Victor Couch AM, Foundation Chairman of the Catholic College of Education Sydney, reflecting on the establishment of Catholic Teachers College.

Track 4: Age of Change – Dr Victor Couch reflecting on the transition to Catholic College of Education Sydney.

Track 5: Untried Concept – reflections of Mr Bill Blissenden and Mr John Murray (lay academic staff members).

The Audio Pens will also assist teachers as they lead their students into a deeper exploration of the importance of education.

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