Gallery 2 – “Education”

This Gallery, titled “Education”, opens up the story of education and its development in the Josephite way.

A century before the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child was ratified, Mary MacKillop, Fr Julian Tenison Woods and the early sisters were forging the way on behalf of children, insisting that they had the right to a happy childhood, to laughter, to play, to creativity, to spirituality and to learning.

On entering this Gallery, students have the opportunity to see what a school yard looked like in the mid 1800s.
Exploring the content of the Interactive Device (touchtable) will enable students to learn more about the growth of Josephite education in Colonial times.

To support you in preparing for your visit we are in the process of developing Teacher Notes as background to this Gallery.
Student Activities are also available for use prior to and after your visit.