Imaging the Margin: Journeys, Borders and Living on the Edge

October 6, 2017 – February 28, 2018

This coming summer immerse yourself in an exhibition space designed to both challenge our perspectives on nation building and to pay tribute to those who have sought a safe refuge in our country. As a country we can be proactive in upholding the dignity and worth of each displaced person.

Watermark panel, Penelope Lee and Nathalie Hartog- Gautier

The paper based artworks are the collaborative effort of artists Penelope Lee and Nathalie Hartog-Gautier. Both artists share a passion for the art of print and paper.

Nathalie holds a Master of Fine Arts, College of Fine Arts UNSW. “Her practice over the years has focused on the concept of the voyage, its transformations, attachments and associations, especially when place interconnects with memory and identity”.

Penelope holds a Master of Design, College of Fine Arts UNSW. “Her work integrates the medieval origins of papermaking, printmaking and book binding with new media technologies in artefacts that explore the way we read the world”.

The artists have focused on our national imperative to respond to the plight of those seeking asylum in Australia, as stated in the United Nations Charter, the Declaration of Human Rights.

Paradise, 2015

Imaging the Margin is an exhibition reflecting on the current marginalisation of refugees. Artworks are designed for the contemplation of our humanitarian values and responsibilities as a nation. The words appearing in the artworks are drawn from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, reminding us that in response to the needs of refugees beyond human rights, decency and common sense, there is also the weight of international law.

A Visitors Book is provided for you to comment on your experience of this exhibition.

Duration of exhibition – October 6, 2017 – February 28, 2018

Admission to the museum includes entry to the exhibition