Donations and Bequests

Bequests – Mary MacKillop Place

You may choose to continue the important works of the Sisters of Saint Joseph at Mary MacKillop Place by making a bequest.  A bequest is a gift of part of your estate made in your Will.  Your estate is the total of all your assets and possessions when you pass away.  By making a bequest, you will provide support for the works and legacy of Saint Mary MacKillop.

If you would like to make a bequest, there are many ways to do so.  Some examples are:

  • Making a gift of a specific monetary amount of your choosing.
  • Making a gift of a particular property you own.
  • Making a gift of a specific part of your estate (such as a percentage of your estate).
  • Making a gift of that part of your estate that remains after you have provided for loved ones.
  • Making a gift of your whole estate.

For your final wishes, including any bequests to be honoured, you must have a valid will.  For this reason, it is very important that you arrange to have a will drawn up by a solicitor.

Mary MacKillop Place

Mary MacKillop Place is renowned as a place of pilgrimage, a spiritual, educational and hospitality centre.  Mary MacKillop Place is unique in Australia.  The heart of this sacred site is the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel where the tomb of Saint Mary MacKillop is located, and which is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year.

Other features include the Museum, which celebrates the life, work and spirituality of Mary MacKillop, the Gift Shop & Café, accommodation and conference/retreat facilities.

Appropriate Wording for Bequests

If you would like to assist in the works of the Mary MacKillop Place ABN 71 504 096 645, we recommend the following clause:

  1. I GIVE to Mary MacKillop Place ABN 71 504 096 645 the sum of $ …………………


  1. I GIVE to Mary MacKillop Place ABN 71 504 096 645 …………. % of the rest and residue of my estate.

I DIRECT that the receipt of the Director of Mary MacKillop Place shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor without my Executor having to see to the application thereof.


It would be our pleasure to discuss with you the good works of the Sisters of St Joseph at Mary MacKillop Place and how your bequest could help to continue those good works.

Please contact the Administrative Assistant if you would like us to assist you by providing information required for planning your bequest:

Administrative Assistant

Mary MacKillop Place

PO Box 1081


02 8912 4884


Mary MacKillop Prayer


Compassionate and loving God,

we praise you for all you do

in the lives of saints!

You inspired Saint Mary MacKillop

to listen to your whisperings within her heart,

to trust in your Providence,

to reach out to the most needy,

to forgive even when it was difficult.

As we journey through life

we trust that your Spirit will guide our hearts

making us more like Saint Mary MacKillop

in thought, word and action.

We ask Saint Mary MacKillop to pray with us

for the special need

we confidently place before you

N ……………………………………………….

We make our prayer through Jesus

Who showed compassion to all I need.